About the Runaway Brewery

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Our story

The Runaway Brewery was founded in 2014 by two old friends who came together to take on a new challenge – for us an adventure – to join the movement to help modernise British beer and beer culture.

First and foremost we’re beer drinkers, we always have been, so flavour and quality always come first. We use the best ingredients we can find and don’t cut corners in our brewing process. We’re committed to making each brew the best it can be.

We’re relative newcomers to the brewing industry so we don’t carry excess baggage and we’re not tied to traditional methods or definitions of what beer should be.

Today, we brew great, modern, British beer. The kind of beer we enjoy drinking and making. For us, brewing isn’t just about the end product, it’s about the process – the journey. So it’s worth doing right.

– Mark and Darren, doing it right since 2014 –

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We brew a core range of IPA, Pale Ale, American Brown Ale and Smoked Porter. We also brew seasonal specials to try out new ideas.

Our beer is:

– Handmade and modern in style

– Internationally influenced, but recognisably British

– Taste and quality driven

–  Designed to be served chilled and slightly carbonated

– Unfiltered, unpasteurised and conditioned in keg and bottle

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Where to buy

Runaway on Saturday: We open our brewery tap every Saturday from 12 – 8pm including brewery tours from midday. See upcoming dates and details for info about upcoming events and brewery tours.

Beer drinkers: You can find our beer in pubs, bars, restaurants and shops throughout the UK, and you can buy it online. See our handy list of suppliers to find Runaway near you, or buy online.

Events: Runaway beer pops up at our favourite beer festivals and events. Follow us on twitter to find out where we are in the coming months.

Trade and distributors: We supply our beer in Key Kegs and bottles direct to trade and through a small number of trusted suppliers. Contact us to find out more, or check availability on Eebriatrade

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Runaway with us

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