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Our beer

We make great tasting modern British beer by hand using the best ingredients.

Our recipes are often based in tradition, but we draw on international influence and use contemporary methods and techniques to produce modern interpretations of a broad range of styles. Download tasting notes for our beers (pdf) >

We’re serious about the craft of brewing and strive to make each batch the best it can be. All of our beer is unfiltered and unpasturised to keep as much flavour in the beer as possible. It is designed to be served cold and slightly carbonated – and the majority are still naturally carbonated by yeast in keg and bottle.

We brew a core range of beers complimented by regular favourites, plus seasonal specials and collaborations. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of our favourite brewers, chefs, local food producers, and of course other beer fans, to create some genuinely unique beers.

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Core range


Pale Ale


Crisp, dry, refreshing Pale Ale with a big citrus character

PA Bottle


Runaway Brewery Pump Clip IPA



Our signature IPA with juicy tropical fruit flavours and aromas

IPA Bottle
 Runaway Brewery Pump Clip American Brown Ale

American Brown Ale


Seriously moreish Brown Ale with caramel sweetness balanced by big flavour hops

USB Bottle


Runaway Brewery Pump Clip Smoked Porter

Smoked Porter


Rich, luxurious,  full bodied porter, with a sweet, warming, but subtle smoked character

SMP Bottle

Seasonal beers

Runaway Brewery Pump Clip Gingerbread Stout

Gingerbread Stout


Rich, sweet stout brewed with cinnamon, clove and root ginger for a seasonal twist on a classic beer

Summer Saison


Classic Belgian summer ale brewed with speciality yeast for an authentic saison character. Light, refreshing  and dry, with subtle citrus, spice and peppery notes.


Double IPA


An intensely hoppy,  clean, but full bodied American style DIPA. The balance of malty sweetness, fruity aromas and  hop driven bitterness make for a very drinkable beer.

Winter Saison


Classic, dry, spritzy saison characterised by the fruity esters of traditional Belgian yeast. The inclusion of traditional UK malts and seasonal UK hops give this beer a maltier  backbone and a hint of winter berries.




Our take on a traditional Extra Special Bitter, brewed with the addition of specialty Belgian malts and new world hops to enhance the characteristic toffee, dark treacle and dried fruits for increased flavour and complexity.


 NZ Pale


Light, crisp and fruity pale ale, brewed exclusively using tropical, juicy New Zealand hops.


 Session IPA


Hop forward session strength IPA  brewed for optimum drinkability with rotating new world hops.


One-off brews give us the chance to experiment, learn, and take time out to celebrate when the occasion arises (or when hops are available). Some of  our specials to date have included:

Mango & Scotch Bonnet Sour 5.0% (Inspired by Holy Crab) September 2019
Belgian Pale
5.0% (Brewed in collaboration with Stretford Foodhall) September 2019
8.3 % (Brewed at Squawk with Pomona Island and Jack in the Box) August 2019
Rise Like Lions – Peterloo Porter 6.5% (Brewed with Brew Wild) July 2019
Shandy Panaché – Sour Crush 2.4% (Brewed in collaboration with Steep Soda) June 2019
Beau West 6.0% (Brewed in collaboration with Liverpool Craft Beer Collective) June 2019
Campbell’s Soup 6.5% (Brewed in collaboration with James Campbell) May 2019
Seoul Slaw: Citrus Sour 5.0% (Brewed in collaboration with Hawksmoor ) May 2019
Dandelion 5% (Brewed in collaboration with Gibberish) April 2019
My Meck Maibock 6.8% (Brewed in collaboration with Donzoko) March 2019
Old Abbots Die Hard 5.0% (Brewed in collaboration with Pi Chorlton)
Blackbird Imperial Stout 9.5% (Brewed in collaboration with Squawk Brewing Co) February 2019
Tostada Madrilena – Amber Ale 5.8% (Brewed in collaboration with Craft 19 Madrid) January 2019
Pomodoro Gose 4.0 (Brewed in collaboration with Honest Crust) December 2018
Smoked Red Ale 6.3% (Brewed in collaboration with Torrside Brewing ) September 2018
Cascadia Black IPA
6.3% (Brewed with US home Brewer Ken Fisher of Grateful Deaf) September 2018
Pineapple Upside-down Pale
5.0 % (Brewed to celebrate the anniversary of  GrubMcr) September 2018
Troppo Limoni 4.5% (Brewed to celebrate the anniversary of Bar Six Sandbach) August 2018
Shandy Panaché – Kaffir Lime & Kombu 2.8% (Brewed in collaboration with Steep Soda) June 2018
Mcr Park Ale 4.0% (Brewed with Brew Wild) June 2018
Gari Gose
 4.4% (Brewed in collaboration with Umezushi) May 2018
Black Grape 4.6% (Brewed with The Brink) March 2018
Lady Grey IPA
5.3% (Brewed with Manchester WI ) February 2018
Rhubarb Gose
4.4% (Brewed in collaboration with Bidassoa Basque Brewery ) January 2018
Farmhouse Pale
3.9% (Brewed with Beermoth to commemorate their 5th Anniversary) December 2017
Smoked Braggot
8.5% (Brewed with Brew Wild) November 2017
East India Porter 5.5% (Brewed in collaboration with IBD) October 2017
Lemon Drizzle IPA 5.5% (Brewed to celebrate the anniversary of GrubMcr) September 2017
Tropical Coffee IPA 6.5% (Brewed with Heart & Graft) August 2017
Coffee ESB : Miriam Perez 5.8% (Brewed with Heart & Graft) August 2017
Export India Brown Ale 7.0% (Brewed in collaboration with Left Handed Giant) June 2017
White Oatmeal Stout 6.5% (Brewed with Pollen Bakery for Manchester Beer Week) June 2017
Shandy Panaché 2.2% (Brewed in collaboration with Steep Soda) May 2017
Belgian Pale 5.6% (Brewed with Little Leeds Beerhouse) March 2017
Redcurrant Saison 6.3% (Brewed in collaboration with Mallinsons for Salford Independent Beer Festival) October 2016
Big Lubelski Saison 6.0% (Brewed for Manchester Beer Week) June 2016
Wheat Bier
5.2% (Brewed for Manchester Beer Week) June 2016
Manchester Tart : Raspberry Wit
 4.8% (Brewed in collaboration with Hawkshead) June 2016 & 2017
Victorian Brown Stout  6.2% (Brewed with Little Leeds Beerhouse) March 2016
Amber Ale 5.3% (Brewed in collaboration with Bidassoa Basque Brewery) Jan 2016
Tribology Pale 4.3% (Brewed with Beermoth to commemorate their 3rd Anniversary) Jan 2016
NZ Oatmeal Pale
4.2% (Brewed in collaboration with Renaissance Brewing (NZ)) Nov 2015
Otter Nouveau 4.7% (Brewed in collaboration with Crisp Malting to celebrate the 50th harvest of Maris Otter) Sept 2015
Runaway Pig 6.2% Export Stout (Brewed in collaboration with Pig and Porter) August 2015
 5.3% (Brewed for Stockport Beer Festival in collaboration with IndyManBrewHouse) April 2015
Caller the Smaller 8.5%  (Brewed with Champion Home Brewer Rich Caller) March 2015
Green Quarter IPA (Brewed for Manchester Brewery Expo 2015 in collaboration with Marble Brewery, Blackjack Brewery & Joseph Holt) April 2015
Manchester Brew Expo APA (Brewed for Manchester Brewery Expo 2015 in collaboration with Mcr Breweries) May 2015

Local stockists

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